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Moving office: as a facility manager or a moving company?


One of the biggest challenges when moving office to the Netherlands (or any foreign country), is underestimation. As a facility manager you know all there is to know about your company and the inventory that needs to be relocated. When it comes to the relocation itself, however, a different perspective is required.

Moving office as a facility manager

As a facility manager, moving office is something that probably only happens once or twice in your career. And since you’ve been able to handle most of the things that were thrown at you so far, why not a relocation?

That’s usually where it all starts. While moving you and your co-workers encounter problems that nobody ever considered in the months leading up to the office move. These problems lead to extra costs, more mistakes and severe delays; which in turn angers the director.

There’s a reason moving companies can pull it off without delays. A difference in perspective.

moving office facility manager moving company uts van hoek groningen

Hire a moving company when moving office

The perspective of a moving company is something that has been built and refined by moving office hundreds of times. Therefore, it’s no wonder there’s a difference between a moving company and a facility manager. However, that doesn’t mean your knowledge is of no use to them. A wise moving company lets you get involved in the office move, because of your specific knowledge about the company, its inventory and its employees.

UTS Van Hoek is your experienced and reliable solution for moving office to the Netherlands as a facility manager. Both assessing and gather inventory and handling the shipment and customs as well as placing the desks on the exact right spot in your new office, we’ll take care of it. Contact us using the information below!

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